Each cottage has a private pier, or access to "Lost Dog Walk", at the Carter home, Wildfern.To reach "Lost Dog Walk", go to the right of Wildfern, through Isabella's Garden and Big Foot Alley (see photos). Follow the rock walk that leads you to the pier. Take a look at "Whangdoodle", the over-the-water bunkhouse, refurbished with Dr. Suess style....to give you a chuckle.

Another very intriguing walkway you should not miss is the property of Barnstormer/Frog Trot. No matter where you are staying, take the opportunity to experience this magical over-the-water board walk through the Cypress.

Kayaks and conoes are available for your use at Spatterdock
(126 N. Mossy Brake). Go to the waterfront and there you will find watercraft, including a jon boat located in the Spatterdock boat house. Equipment is there with the boats. Be careful. There must be a life jacket for each paddler, and a throw pillow. Children 13 and under must wear a life jacket. Follow the state rules; you don't want a fine to ruin your visit.

Each cottage has a fire ring…. (Bundled firewood can be purchased from a self-serve rack on Bois d Arc Road, across from Barnstormer.)

Charcoal grills are at each cottage. Bring your charcoal and starter.

Fun for the entire family can be found at Spatterdock. We hope to see you soon!

New in spring of 2021...a glass canoe high in the cypress trees, dripping with vivid colors of stained glass.

Complimentary to guests, Spatterdock Guest Houses provide canoes, kayaks and a row boat (more stable than a canoe).

Paddle your way through the bayous in one of the Spatterdock boats. Necessary equipment is provided. (Please observe state laws).

Our dock from the water (Courtesy of Paul Fortune)


Photo Courtesy of John Goldman

Bundled camp wood for your fire ring.
On Bois 'd Arc near Barnstormer

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